Call for Papers

    1. Information Technology
    • Computer System Structure
      Network computing and cloud computing
      Simulation of computing systems
      Network storage
      Network data security and service
      Parallel the I/O
      EIS network technology and software technology comprehensive application
      The embedded system and application
      Computer storage technology
      Sensors/actuators network
      Wireless Ad hoc Networks
      The parallel distributed computing
      Intelligent control
      New storage technology
      Network storage system
      Mass network storage system, parallel storage system
      Multimedia data processing and communication
      Multimedia system technology, computer interface technology
      Computer equipment evaluation techniques and instruments
      Computer simulation technology


    • Computer Software and Theory
      Modern database theory and implementation techniques
      Computing intelligence, large-scale combinatorial optimization problem of high performance algorithm design and analysis
      Solving NP-Hard combinatorial optimization
      Software optimization and reuse
      Intelligent expert system
      Multimedia and artificial intelligence theory and implementation techniques
      The initiative, real-time, mobile database theory and integration technology
      Software Engineering Management


    • Computer Application Technology
      WEB information management
      Information retrieval, social networks
      Biomedical Image information Processing
      Combinatorial optimization algorithm for high-performance
      Mathematics media processing and retrieval
      Multi-core computing and streaming compiler
      Network and high-performance computing, image and image processing
      Multimedia technology, network security and application
      Computer networks and applications
      Computer control and interface
      Software engineering, intelligent decision support system
      WEB Data Management
      Information Security
      Computer software
      Computer Applications
      Computer system structure
      Multimedia technology
      The new computer technology


    • Safety Information
      Information security support technology
      Network security theory and technology
      Information against theory and technology
      Trusted Computing pharma hub24
      Information security applications and methods
    1. Management Topics
    • Accounting Economics
    • Any Other Interdisciplinary Research Relevant to Business, Research and Management
    • Business & Economics Education
    • Business Accounting
    • Business Law
    • Business Model and Strategy
    • Business Processes
    • Case Studies
    • Cross-Culture Issues in Business
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Decision Support and Knowledge-based Systems
    • E-commerce, Collaborative Commerce and Net-enhancement
    • Economics Business and Economic Systems
    • Finance & Investment
    • General Business Research
    • General Management
    • Global Business
    • Globalisation, Business and Systems
    • Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning
    • Labor Relations & Human Resource Management
    • Management Information Systems
    • Management Systems and Sustainable Business
    • Managing Systems
    • Marketing Theory and Applications
    • Modelling Simulation and Analysis of Business Process
    • Organizational Behavior & Theory
    • Production and Operations Systems
    • Production/Operations Management
    • Public Administration and Small Business Entreprenurship
    • Public Responsibility and Ethics
    • Strategic Management and Systems
    • Strategic Management Policy
    • Supply Chain and Demand Chain Management
    • Technologies and Standards for Improving Business
    • Technology & Innovation in Business Systems
    • Technopreneurship Management
    • Trust Issues in Business and Systems
    • Value Chain Modelling Analysis Simulation and Management
    • Value-based Management and Systems
    • Virtual Communities and Business